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Profolan is a popular preparation for people struggling with baldness. Also available in Poland for a long time. In this article you will find a review of this product as well as opinions and discussions about it.


Recently, negative opinions of Profolan have appeared customers dissatisfied with his actions. Probably only in our review you will not find a link to the offer of this product for hair loss. For this reason, our review seems to be more reliable than other articles about this product on the web.

The review was based on the product information available at the time of its preparation. After its preparation, the information may have changed, for which the author is not responsible

Profolan for alopecia - reviews and opinions

Everyone dreams of healthy, lush, shiny hair. Unfortunately, our desires very often do not have much to do with reality.

As a result of stress, poor diet, various diseases and ailments, and damage caused by improper care, the condition of the hair deteriorates significantly, and excessive amounts of it fall out.

Of course, you do not have to accept such a situation, and you have to fight this problem on various fronts.

One of the commonly used methods today is taking various types of dietary supplements that have a positive effect on our hairstyle.

Profolan, a preparation for men in the form of tablets, is very popular.

Is its use actually able to positively affect the condition of the hair in the case of androgenetic alopecia affecting men?

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Reviews about Profolan

When looking for opinions about this supplement on the web, we find many of them. The credibility of comments can be a problem for their audience. I have some doubts about many of these opinions.

Negative opinions about Profolan na Wykop

First, let’s look at the negative reviews in a fairly credible place.

Opinions about Profolan on Wykop
Opinions about Profolan on the moderated social networking site


Wykop is a social networking site where comments are heavily moderated. Virtually every statement is checked by moderators and the vigilance of other users only enhances the reliability of the opinions, discussions, comments, etc. posted there.

There is nothing to hide, the price of the product is quite high. Is it worth spending such a large amount of money?


An interesting opinion was given by one of the users (AntyBohater). It should pay attention to the composition of the reviewed product. Interestingly, his opinion got 2 pluses, so it can be concluded that other people also agree with his opinion.

Probably reading the opinion of the user (AntyBohater) you wonder what he meant when he wrote:

opinion from Wykop about Profolan

Most likely, this is a reference to the affiliate program used by advertisers for this product. This is described at the end of our article. In short: Profolan advertisers can earn a 30% commission for successfully selling a product. Unfortunately, this leads to the publication of unreliable opinions with this link on the network (various reviews, opinions and comments)

Positive Opinions about Profolan

As I am a person sensitive to unreliable opinions, here I had a huge problem in finding reliable opinions. In places where favorable opinions about Profolan are published, there are often links from the affiliate program pointing to the Profolan offer. This is problematic because reviews or reviews with such an affiliate link can be unreliable!

Reviews about Profolan


The above screenshot shows the opinions from the blog, which unfortunately has the unfortunate link of the affiliate program, which makes the source of these favorable opinions about Profolan unreliable. It may be unreliable because the owner of this blog (or the author of the article), not wanting to scare people interested in this product, could remove negative reviews and leave (or add) positive ones.


Honest, credible opinions about Profolan are more difficult to obtain than you might think. This is a real challenge, especially for people who cannot skillfully search for information on the Internet.

If you are unsure about buying Profolan, the best way is to consult a doctor or other specialist.

Profolan also has opinions on the Cafeteria forum, Facebook and many similar social networks.

After reading the above information, you are surely wondering if Profolan is a scam?

Profolan effects

The manufacturer ensures that thanks to the regular use of Profolan, you can significantly improve the condition of your hair. It is supposed to make new ones grow back, while the old ones will gain a new, better look. In addition, the hair structure is effectively strengthened and the process of baldness is inhibited. Moreover, it is supposed to protect against premature appearance of gray hair. To learn more about the effects of using Profolan, go to the manufacturer’s official website.

Also under our article, from time to time, Profolan’s opinions are posted, including its results and many other details, also those that are not mentioned by the manufacturer.

Back to the results, This product is also supposed to positively influence the color of the strandsenhancing their natural color. Adult men using this drug also noticed that they became shinier.

From the above, the belief emerges that Profolan has a rather clever marketing, which publishes information that is uncertain as to its effectiveness and, of course, opinions that are difficult to verify. In fact, it’s hard to find negative Profolan reviews, it’s possible that they are simply removed.

Composition Profolan

The natural composition of this preparation is its significant advantage. The ingredients on the basis of which it was created have a positive effect on the condition of the hair, while being safe for health. These are among others:

  • Common nettle, thanks to which the process of hair loss is effectively slowed down, while their condition is significantly improved, in addition, the extract of this popular plant sensationally blocks the production of the hormone responsible for androgenic alopecia in the body
  • Field horsetail makes the hair loss process inhibited, the scalp does not become excessively greasy, and dandruff stops appearing, and in addition it destroys free radicals with great effectiveness
  • L-cysteinethanks to which the hair building block – keratin is created
  • Taurinewhose task is to stimulate hair growth
  • Vitamin Ethat makes new hair appear
  • Vitamin B6Thanks to which the excessive rate of hair loss is effectively stopped
  • Copper responsible for strengthening the hair structure
  • Zinc aimed at accelerating the rate of hair growth
  • Thiamine, i.e. vitamin B1, which makes dandruff and seborrhea cease to be a problem

The detailed composition is available on the product packaging, including how to use, dosage and warnings. The details are as follows.

Composition Profolan
The detailed composition of Profolan is available on the packaging label.

Profolan dosage and side effects

Two capsules of Profolan should be taken daily, each with a glass of water.

As for the side effects or side effects of the preparation, we did not find information on this subject. This is probably due to the fact that it is made of ingredients of natural origin that do not belong to those potentially hazardous to health.

However, remember that the preparation should not be reached by people who are allergic to any of its ingredients. To be sure that the reviewed product will not cause side effects, you should consult a specialist’s opinion.

Profolan price

Profolan packaging

We will pay about PLN 187 for one package of the preparation. It is enough for a month of treatment, because it contains 60 capsules. However, a single package of this dietary supplement can be purchased cheaper by deciding to purchase several packages at once. For example, with three boxes, you get three more for free, paying less than PLN 563. You can also decide to purchase two packages for PLN 375, the third being free.

The packaging itself leaves a lot to be desired. It seems to be of poor quality, so I would not be surprised if the effect of the capsules were also like that.

Where to buy Profolan?

This dietary supplement is available on the manufacturer’s official website. The delivery time is quite short, in my case the shipment has already arrived on the third day.

However, this product is not available at a pharmacy. The question is why?

Warning against suspicious Profolan offers

An analysis of Profolan reviews available on the web may suggest that negative reviews of this supplement may be removed, while positive reviews may be published by users of a special affiliate program, thanks to which owners of various websites, reviewers or opinioners receive a commission on the sale of the Profolan product.

As you can imagine, this may lead to the publication of false favorable opinions and reviews to encourage you to take advantage of the offer.

We also did not get to the results of reliable research on the actual effects of this product on hair loss. At present, Profolan is a product of the great unknown. It should also be remembered that the price of this dietary supplement is very high, PLN 187 per one package. The strangest thing, however, is that it is not available in pharmacies.

There are websites on the web where some of their owners are strenuously promoting the reviewed preparation, for example by publishing fictitious statements of people satisfied with the operation of this product or removing negative reviews about Profolan. These people may bend the truth a bit. For the sale of the product on your part, it is possible to get a commission of around 30%. You can find out about this fact in a special panel of the affiliate program, which basically anyone can have access to.

Profolan Scam
One of the offers of the affiliate program

As can be seen in the panel, there are also other dietary supplements on which affiliate program users can earn a high commission for sales.

False opinions are difficult to locate, so as in the case of the recently reviewed Piperinox for slimming, we recommend that you exercise extreme caution in the case of Profolan. If you are unsure about buying Profolan, the best way is to consult a doctor or other specialist.

Summarizing the review. Hair loss is unfortunately quite an annoying process for which many desperate people are looking for a solution. However, remember to be reasonable and verify the information so as not to be deceived by the offers of various types of supplements in various forms.

The author of the article is Natalia Gryska

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